Logistics and transportation are key parts of a larger supply chain process. The sector is highly competitive, with its participants facing various challenges involving data handling and analysis. However, with technology, digitalization and real-time visibility (RTV), we are able to solve them.

What is RTV and why has it become a must-have solution nowadays?

Real-time visibility provides live data, which allows you to monitor the route of the goods and their exact location at any given point, starting from the loading point and ending after truck is unloaded. This solution provides information about any actual or possible deviation from the plan, allows us to understand what is actually happening and under what conditions, and gives us a head start to act on.

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The main challenges that RTV helps us to deal with:


Delays in deliveries and effective planning

RTV lets us see where cargo is in a real-time, and moreover lets us know when a shipment will reach its destination (through self-learning advanced ETA calculation). This information lets us be proactive and make decisions before delays even happen. This tool allows shippers or delivery places to revise their schedules and take action to help to reduce the impact of the delay. Moreover, having an ETA can help us plan warehouse work more efficiently by knowing the arrival time of the trucks and having exact information about what is inside each of them.


KPI measurement

RTV provides reliable data that is used to monitor and improve various KPIs. For example: arrival to loading or unloading on time, transit times, calculated waiting hours and delay times. This solution, integrated into our ERP, helps us remove the root causes of the issues and eliminate any non-compliance in the future.


Customer satisfaction and customer experience

Our business approach puts the needs and experience of customers first. Real-time visibility is becoming a must for most of our partners and we are here to satisfy this need by offering a premium quality service. We understand the importance of reliable, on-time logistics for our customers, and for their customers.



RTV can be a fully automated process that significantly increases efficiency, allowing our services to become more agile and responsive than ever before. Without delays in communication or data analysis, we are aware of every movement, from the beginning to the end of the service provided, as it happens. Real-time visibility helps decrease costs, conserve working capital and improve efficiency – all through better understanding and management of our performance and transportation resources.

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